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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

Mahatma Gandhi

Top 4 soft skills

Top 4 soft skills to develop with Linkedin

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. In my previous article 4 soft skills to learn in 2018 according to LinkedIn and Business InsiderI made an exhaustive compilation of various learning portfolios. This compilation even included an excel sheet calculating total time and cost of the courses. Each of those portfolios was aimed at developing 4 crucial soft skills: Leadership, Communication, Collaboration and Time Management.…

Why you should worry about Change Management

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. Everything is changing and there is a certain trend in the acceleration of this process. Change Management knowledge can help us to smoothen these effects. Even when we are talking about a strategy there is one important point to notice. That the strategy is not set once and for all to stay static and unchanged. On the contrary, it must be adaptable and react to changes. Unfortunately, in general, people are resistant and reluctant to change things. …